Little Mary Phagan

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Little Mary Phagan She left her home one day; she went to the pencil factory to see the big parade. She left her home at eleven, she kissed her mother good-by; not one time did the poor child think that she was a-going to die. Leo Frank he met her with a brutish heart, we know; he smiled, and said, “Little Mary, you won’t go home no more.” Sneaked along behind her till she reached the metal-room; He laughed, and said, “Little Mary, you have met your fatal doom.”

Mary Phagan was born on June 1, 1900 in Marietta, Georgia. Her parents were John and Frances Phagan. There is still some debate on whether that is her real birthdate or not. Her mother said that she was one month away from her fourteenth birthday in the court case, which would
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The autopsy of Mary was performed until nine days after death. Mary Phagan was investigated through an autopsy by Dr. Henry F. Harris. The official cause of death was Mary being strangled. Officer W.F Anderson saw a wrapping cord that was seven feet long and ¾ inch wide around Mary Phagan’s throat, which around the noose was a piece torn from Mary’s skirt. This type of strangulation was not the cause of her death, but the murderer had wrapped twine around her neck that cut into flesh. When Newt Lee found her he described her as being a black girl because of all the dirt that her body was caked in. Dr. Harris also found cabbage that had not been yet digested, which concluded that Mary was killed about thirty to forty-five minutes after eating her late breakfast. Dr. Harris claimed that her vagina was injured, which claims that she was raped right before her death. He even claimed that some injury was done to her hymen. The murderer had her underwear ripped up from the crotch and everything was soiled from blood. He claimed that that he investigated the hair, found in the second room where they claimed she was killed, microscopically and that they did not come from Mary. In the court case, there was no evidence that the human feces came from Phagan before her death. Her right eye was the color of purple and had puffed up. Mary’s cheeks were badly bruised and terribly scratched. The most serious injury of her face was her scalp was slashed open that was a little bit above the left
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