Little Mermaid Reflection

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The little mermaid depicts a story that shows the true meaning of dedication and love. Her love is strong, naïve and bold, but only to be misguide by her curiosity. She is a young mermaid whose beauty and voice are unparalleled in the sea kingdom. Consume by her fascination with the surface world, she set out to explore at the age of 15 like her older sisters who had done before her. Andersen’s usage of imagery and diction created the little mermaid’s journey to find her eternal soul in the face of danger and sacrifice through which she suffers greatly.
In the beginning, alienation of the little mermaid is portrayed. Even though she is the princess of the mer-people, she feels isolated. She yearns for an eternal soul like humans and because of her fascination with the surface world, it led her to believe that she should belong there. In this passage it portrayed her feelings for the surface world: “On such evenings, while her sisters swam, hand in hand, up through the water, the youngest princess had to stay below. She would look sadly up after them and feel like crying; but mermaids can’t weep and that makes their suffering even deeper and greater” (61). The little mermaid being the youngest could not travel with her sister to the surface world and felt such sadness but has no way of showing it like how humans show it through tears. Her feelings towards the surface world isolated her from her people for she did not desire a life under the sea. Her determination to gain an
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