Little Miss Sunshine: Dysfunctional Family

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“Little Miss Sunshine” is a comedy-drama movie about a dysfunctional family composed of a stressed mother, goal-obsessed father, unhappy brother, gay suicidal uncle, a foul-mouthed grandfather, and a little beautiful girl named Olive who wants to become a miss beauty, or better called “Little Miss Sunshine”.
This family environment is more likely to influence negatively the children. In fact, the father’s notion of winning or losing (either you are a winner in life, or a looser, there’s no in-between) can represent a great pressure for the whole family, especially the children. This pushed the father many times to do some incredible things, even when it’s challenging, or crazy (as smuggling the grandfather’s body after his death out of the hospital, in order to arrive at time to the beauty contest). Such acts may be exaggerated, and shows the obsession of the father for winning. The father’s behavior and words clearly affect his daughter; she started crying in front of her grandfather, asking if she’s a looser, or if she’s
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If I were raised in such environment, I would always blame myself for making mistakes, and for not being the best. However, it’s not about being the best, but about being better; this is something I learned from my father. He has always told me to do what I have to do, and what I can do; winning or losing is not important, it’s the journey toward the goal that is important. I can tell, that these words were always releasing for me, as I knew that nobody is expecting something from me, so I have always been comfortable working for my goal, and maybe have given my best without being conscious of it. However, I liked the fact that the father did encourage his daughter to participate, and did the impossible to have her in the beauty contest. This is something not every father would do, and that is important for children to be confident and
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