Little Miss Sunshine Character Analysis

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1. In the opening scene of Little Miss Sunshine we are introduced to Olive watching the beauty pageants and we can see the tv’s reflection from her glasses which I believe can symbolize and show that is her dream and what is concentrating on, like in her eyes becoming a beauty queen is everything to her. Also in the opening scene we are introduced to each character in their own different shots, rather than opening with the whole family together in one scene/shot, and the closing scene they are all together pushing the van so it could start and then they all are in the van together heading back home; I think this can show and symbolize that at the beginning of the movie the characters were distant from each other in each of their own shots, and throughout to the end of the movie they have come closer together are one family.
The use of music in the opening scenes became more complex as each character’s shot was being shown. It started simple with Olive then started adding more rhythm and tone the music.

2. Some messages that I noticed the film reveals about American Society are “ People always say being different is good, but once you act differently than everyone else you are judged and treated like a freak” This message was made clear to me when Olive is competing in the little miss sunshine pageant and even her dad and brother don’t want to her compete because she’s going to make a fool of herself, and when she is competing how she doesn’t have the nicest dresses, hair,

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