Little Miss Sunshine: The Negative Effects Of Child Beauty Pageants

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This semester, we studied about “Little Miss Sunshine”, and in this movie, child beauty contest is one of the main topics. In Japan, child beauty contests are not so common. Of course there are many beauty contests for example, “Miss Universe”, “Miss Japan” and so on, but these are for over 18 years old, not for children. It is thought that child beauty contest have negative effect to children. The winner of beauty contest is very thin and do make up really well, so many children do hard to become such person. Also children try to become adult. Parents of children try their children to become beauty, and want children to become proud. Some time, parents try children to attend child beauty contest not for their children, but for their name. Parents spend a lot of money on their children, and pressures from parents can be a stress for children. Of course there are good effects too. Children can learn how to express themselves, and child beauty contest can give children a dream. However, it is clear that child beauty contest has many negative effects. How about Japan? There are not child beauty contests, but there are really similar things to them. It is entrance exam. In Japan, the competing of entrance exams is really hard, especially the entrance exam of university. This exam is very important for children and their parents. Like a beauty contest, parents often try hard to their children to enter famous and intelligent university. Entering such university is instructive

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