Little Mizz Kit Research Paper

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What makes mompreneurs different?
In today’s era, women are getting more success in the corporate world. One of the inspiring examples are mompreneurs. Success of mom entrepreneurs is encouraging more and more women to enter into the corporate world. What makes them succeed is their multitasking ability, as all mothers are able to balance both CEO of the household and owner of business simultaneously. Their business ideas provide solutions to many life problems or opportunities.
Little Mizz Kit started its journey on 10th December 2013. It was created to inspire young minds and help girls on their journey to adulthood while having fun. It offers girls and their parents the opportunity to bond and learn together by providing monthly kit. A portion of sales at Little Mizz Kit go to March of Dimes to support the development of healthy babies. The founder and CEO of the company is Nicole Gleeson and her husband Brent Gleeson, ex-Navy Seal, is the marketing CEO.
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She started her career with Girl Mania, which focused on teaching art and crafts and arranging birthday parties. Nicole’s entrepreneurial spirit started from a young age. Her first venture was starting her own summer camps for girls, who focused on the arts, fashion and fitness. She always felt a passion for children, especially young girls. Her main inspiration for Little Mizz Kit was her daughter Little Mizz Parker Rose Gleeson who was diagnosed with gastroschisis during pregnancy. Nicole Gleeson said, “As the mother of a daughter born with a birth defect, I am always concerned about her self-esteem and the kind of woman she is going to grow up to become. Helping build my daughter’s confidence has become my personal
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