Little Rebecka Character Traits

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Born into the name Morris, little Rebecka was the oldest child of her mother and father. She was called Becka or Becky for short by her parents. She eventually got the nickname Little Boots because the two R’s in her last name turned upside down looks like two boots. Growing up she always had a healthy Christian life. She would go to church weekly and attend Sunday school. Little Boots grew up in Northshore in the neighborhood Sterling Green. Growing up and all throughout her childhood, Becka knew to hate chocolate milk. One day at McDonald’s, Becka was drinking the milk and her best friend, Dalton, made her laugh so hard that the chocolate came out of her nose. Since that day and to this day, she will not and even refuses to drink chocolate…show more content…
Becka said that choir was her life and then she met this boy named Noble Dunn. At the time, Noble was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He was what seemed to be a perfect person. So much so that she turned down a really nice and good guy because she was still talking to Noble. Shortly after she had to say no to the other guy, Becka found out that Noble was cheating on her. She was heartbroken over what she had thought to be her perfect relationship. She was even more upset to find out that he was seeing five other girls at the same time. So Little Boots did what was necessary and cut the ties with the not very noble, Noble. It was time for the other guy to make his move. About a month later in December, Becka began to realize that she made a mistake at not taking a chance on the other guy. She started to low key flirt with the new guy and that relationship started to ignite. Finally, on the morning of January 4th, 2015, at 12:07 AM, Kenneth and Becka started their relationship with each other. Ever since that day, Kenneth and Boots have been the happiest couple to ever exist. They plan on going to the same college together after finishing their
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