Little Red Riding Hood Research Paper

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The beginning situation was commenced by Giant who went down to the land with a great quaking that caused the villages destroyed. Little Red Riding Hood thought it was caused by a big wind that made her mother missing and destroyed her house. Little Red Riding Hood came to Baker’s home and expressed her desire to move to her grandmother's house in the woods. The qualifying test for Little Red Riding Hood was the departure time into the woods to move to her grandmother's house accompanied by Baker and Wife
The main test occurred when Little Red Riding Hood arrived in the woods and saw the condition of the messy woods until there was no footpath. Little Red Riding Hood could not find the way to her grandmother's house. Until the end of the story, Little Red Riding failed to move to her grandmother's house. As a result, the transformation stopped only to the main test. One test remained; the glorifying test was not reached. The subject failed to get the object, the goal was not reached to the receiver.
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This event designated the ending situation.
The Situation: Appearance the giant coming down, caused damage everywhere. Therefore, Little Red Riding Hood try to help Baker and friend to defeat the Giant. While the others preparing the trap, Little Red Riding Hood realize she has lost her Grandmother. Little Red Riding Hood doubted because her actions were not in accordance with the advices always given by her mother and grandmother. She began hesitant to kill giant, because she remember her mother and granny advise to make them proud. But Cinderella try to comfort her and give a wise
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