Little Red Riding Hood Thesis

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The story began with the death of Rapunzel. In that event, Rapunzel died trampled by the Giant who was looking for Jack. The witch was angry then went looking for Jack to be submitted to the Giant. Two such events were included in the beginning situation. At this test, the sender (death Rapunzel) was seen moving the subject on her own desire. Afterward the story entered the qualifying test. After finding Jack, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood did not agree with the witch’s desire to submit Jack to the Giant. They tried to protect Jack. Baker saw his wife scarf brought by Jack. He found out that his wife was also been killed by the Giant. It made Baker joined to blame Jack and would submit Jack to the Giant. Jack did not accept to be blamed,…show more content…
The witch was wrath and threw all the magic beans that existed in her pocket in order to become a tree beans again so that they could continue to blame the witch. Baker, Cinderella, Jack, and Little Red Riding Hood immediately picked up the beans in order not to create more problems. The wrath of the witch made the witch challenged against her mother's because the witch has lost the magic beans again and finally she was sucked into the mud of life then died. Jack regret of Cinderella, Jack, and Little Red Riding Hood were included into the ending situation. From three schemas actants in this story, there are two schema actant that was the subject failed to get the object. It can be concluded, the subject (Witch) managed to achieve over the object (protecting Rapunzel & captured Jack), but in the second schema actant the subject (Witch) failed get the object because Rapunzel was dead and witch as a subject failed protect Rapunzel. And also in the third schema actant, witch (subject) failed hand over the object to the receiver because in the end the witch was dead before she can gave Jack to the giant. The purpose of helper actant to the subject was failed too, because the helper did meaningful action in helping the subject to hand over the object to
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