Little Rock Central Documentary Analysis

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The Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later documentary is one of complexity. It looks at the site of the integration of the Little Rock Nine in the year of 1957 -- Central High School-- then and now. Despite the fact that this is the famous landmark of the desegregation movement that would later go on to be enforced in the South of America, this school is still separated by race, with poorer African American students and wealthier white students educated in “two different schools”. While many may believe that the separation is caused by the differentiation in education (Whites participating in AP classes; blacks in regular classes), others opinions on the situation is that the root of the problem are the students. The crisis begins with the hardships that blacks face at home and that varies from raising children, to being poor, and being kicked out of homes. Since…show more content…
At Little Rock Central, everyone says that there is no equal opportunity and that racism still exists, which is true in many ways. Currently, prestigious academic programs solely seek for those that are hispanic/latino and African American, yet not for those who are Asian and Caucasian because everyone automatically assumes that they have a lot of money. This is not fully true and since we even have a candidate for president, Donald Trump, who will not allow Muslims in because they are supposedly a “threat”. Over time, our society has grown and improved from its immoral ways, yet society still has that hint of segregation. As an effect of all these assumptions, lifestyles and adversaries, social relationships have caused different races to not communicate as much with each other without insulting them. Unfortunately, the same is at Little Rock Central and it seems as if they will never learn from their
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