Little Rock Nine Controversy

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Do you know who the Little Rock Nine is? Well if you don not the Little Rock Nine is a group of nine students from Little Rock Arkansas who went to a all white school. While they were at the school they got a lot of hatred. They were only about 16 and had to represent the whole black race. Some bad things that happened during the time is Hazel Bryan was yelling at Elizabeth Eckford while she was going home. During the integration of Little Rock Nine central high school in 1957, the media illuminated certain events but painted and inaccurate picture of other events.
In many cases not just the ones during that time the media has illuminated lots of things like the Trayvon Martin case where as thought they told us everything. During the time things were so bad back then. Also it was dangerous for the kids to go to the school by there self so the president sent in the military. Carlotta says, “ The media called the move historic, the first time a U.S.
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The president and the mayor of Little Rock came together and tried to make an agreement but they did not. Carlotta says, “Faubus and Eisenhower emerged from the meeting smiling… It appeared that a favorable agreement had been reached.” (LaNier 78) The media inaccurately portrayed this because Faubus and Eisenhower did not make an agreement. During the time the Little Rock Nine had to do a lot of faking to make it seem like everything was good. Carlotta says, “The camera rolled as the nine of us and the bates dined together, all smiles, as though we all lived under the same roof and had no parents or other family members.” (LaNier 101) This quote is saying that the nine of them had to act like everything was good to make it seem like everything was good in Little Rock but it was not. During the time the media inaccurately portrayed things to make things seem good, make people seem bad, or make people seem

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