Little Rock Nine Essay

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American children once needed alarmed soldiers to escort them safely to the school house .Getting escorted to school by armed soldiers had to be a problem that the whites didn’t want them at their school. On September twenty-third in the late 1850’s African Americans entered Little Rock Central High School for the first time. Ignoring verbal abuse, threats from students and a crowd of whites that was standing outside of the school. The nine African Americans students started to tell their parents, even though there parents knew that them going to an all-white school was going to be a problem. They had known from the beginning that the whites didn’t want them at their school. They were so harmful to them. The Rock Nine was ignoring the verbal…show more content…
The paratroopers from 101st Airborne Division was ordered for safety to the school. To the school building and sending out trouble makers bent on disrupting the federal mandate. Days after the troops members of the Arkansas National Guard. The president ordered 10,000more guardsmen’s. They kept the problem and dealt with it on their own which made the nine student parents sue the board of education because the verbal abuse and threats kept going on and getting worse. The little rock nine parents had gotten tired of the harassment and wanted to do something about it. Linda Brown took herself and her sister to the Supreme Court. Linda felt that segregated school systems violated the fourteenth amendment and took them to court. The name of the case that took place was Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka. The court decaled state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional. Linda brown won the court case and made a landmark. The Little rock nine went through hell and back. Even though it was worth it.Little rock nine didn’t stop going to school cause they wanted an education.Went through all that just to go to school to an all-white school but after
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