Little Rock Nine Inaccuracies

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In history there are a lot of great leaders who stood up for what they believed in and never gave up, such as the books A Mighty Long Way by Carlotta Walls LaNier and Little Rock Girl by Shelley Tougas. In the book there are young leaders who never gave up and had a great impact on young people. 14 year old Carlotta, was in the group with 8 other young teenagers who only wanted to make it to class. Just making it through the door of Central High was a huge relief. In 1957, during the integration in Little Rock Central High school, the media illuminated certain events but showed an inaccurate or incomplete picture of other events. In 1957 the media, illuminated certain events that happened in and outside the school building Central High. Photographer…show more content…
In 1957 the media released certain events of inaccurate and incomplete events and photos. The Little Rock Nine traveled to Mr. and Mrs. Bates house. Mr. and Mrs. Bates were both mentors of the Little Rock Nine. LaNier said “we all uprooted from our homes and individual Thanksgiving celebrations, dressed in our Sunday’s best, and driven to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bates to participate in the made for television event” (LaNier 109). Mr. and Mrs. Bates decided to have dinner because of how he felt. This photo that was taken of them having dinner was inaccurate they were just acting civilized. Little Rock Nine wasn 't telling the truth about what was really happening. They pretend that everything was ok and everyone knew it wasn 't. LaNier describes a newspaper account written in the Gazette. The article wasn 't only about daily life at the school. Carlotta says it was far from the truth. She says “ perhaps that was the view from the outside peeking in, but from the center of the drama, it sure felt like turmoil to me” (LaNier 108). The newspaper article is incomplete. The newspaper was made by someone who knew nothing about what was going on. The events were inaccurate and incomplete, unreal and untrue stories

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