Little Rock Nine Research Papers

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African Americans have had a long struggle to gain rights, but Little Rock Nine was a great deal for the Civil Rights Movement. On September 1957, nine African American students enrolled in a formerly all-white school - Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their integration drastically impacted the Civil Rights Movement and this is what is known in history as Little Rock Nine. The Supreme Court ruling with Cooper vs. Aaron case in 1958 displeased the Governor of Arkansas. Governor Faubus could not pass legislation undermining the court 's ruling in Brown versus the Board of Education. This forbade the states from segregating students in public schools. The court mandated that all public schools in the country be integrated. But, Orval E. Faubus (governor of Arkansas) refused the nine African Americans to attend the Central High School, because his thoughts on integration were to have none. Orval Faubus went to all costs to stop the African American students by calling the state 's national guard to protect the premises…show more content…
Little Rock Nine enrolled the beginning of the day the Arkansas National Guard 's turned away the students. The first day of school the African American cars were pelted with rocks along with death threats screamed at the students. These nine students made history that later became a big part of the Civil Rights Movement. Experiences that the students went through on their first day of school is something that no person should ever experience. One student went through having acid was thrown in her face, the other pushed down the stairs. Little Rock Nine made a plan to meet off campus and march into the school with a lawyer, Elizabeth Eckford didn’t have a telephone so she never received the plans. Elizabeth thought the soldiers (Arkansas National Guard) were there to protect her, she got behind them and started walking but once she got to the doors the guards didn 't let Elizabeth in but as someone saw her and yelled “lynch her! lynch
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