Little Rock Nine Thesis

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The Little Rock Nine was a very important group of nine high school students who went through many struggles and trials to be the first african american students to attend Little Rock Central High School. Minnijean - Brown Trickey so happened to be one of the students of the Little Rock nine who caught my attention the most, through bravery and actions of risk taking just to make a point in history, a very important point in history. In 1957 Minnijean Brown -Trickey entered history by bravely entering the front doors of Central High School High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Minnijean Trickey-Brown was one of the Little Rock nine, she helped desegregated public schools and alter the course of education in America. Her talks have spread many social changes through the decades of exploration. In the autumn of 1957, Minnijean took a stand in the school which was segregated to be a whites only school. She withstood many trials, she had to face angry guards and armed mobs in the midst of a crowd of people facing a worldwide television audience. She did all of us to lead us down the path of desegregation in schools of the public. This was just the beginning of her fiery, sophisticated career towards desegregation.

As they all entered the school they
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We should all take a stand and come together and stop racism and departure of different colors for these bold acts of criticism are still among us today for they are not fully distinct yet. We should all take a stand and exclude all of these critical acts and all learn to get along and become wiser in knowledge instead of departure. We should all unite and not depart for love is the strongest hate in today’s society and it has always been this way in society our whole life. Just learn to love someone just as much as they may hate you, you could be the one to teach them how to
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