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A good aspect used in the movie was character portrayal. Each character in the movie brought a new, different piece to the story. This made the movie more effectively entertaining because, even if there are characters that aren't necessarily likeable or nice, they are still portrayed in a way that puts a smile on the viewer's face. One example of this is Audrey’s boyfriend, Orin. While Orin is a horrible guy who does terrible things not only to his girlfriend but his patients, he’s portrayed in a comical manner when shown on screen. For example there’s a scene where Seymour is in Orin’s dentist chair Before starting, Orin says, “I'm gonna want some gas for this.” to which Seymour,relieved,replies “Oh, thank God. I thought you weren't gonna use any.” only for Orin to laugh and exclaim, “Oh, the gas isn't for you Seymour, it's for me. You see, I wanna really enjoy this.” An element that could have been improved on may be pacing in the beginning. When the movie started off it seemed to drag a bit at some parts. Though it is recognized…show more content…
In the very beginning of the movie, Seymour is shown to be clearly in love with his friend and co-worker, Audrey. One musical number after that leaves him saying that he wishes to get out of Skid Row. While his wishes seem mundane at first, he eventually gets them- but at a cost. His plant that he picked up turns out to be an alien from outer space who tells him that what he wishes he will have, but only if he feeds him. Seymour at first refuses, but then after seeing Audrey get abused by her boyfriend again, agrees to kill and feed Orin to Audrey 2. This goes well for him and Audrey recuperates his feelings, leading them to get together just like Seymour wished for. Not long after this does Seymour again end up feeding Audrey 2, leading to him getting even more famous, and eventually both getting all his wishes fulfilled, and dooming

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