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Little Shop Of Horrors is a 1986 film about a talking plant from outer space, a little flower shop, and a store boy trying to impress the girl that he’s in love with. This movie is a musical comedy starring Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene and Steve Marin as well as the voice of the plant being done by Levi Stubbs. Little Shop Of Horrors originally started out as an extremely low budget horror movie in 1960 that was made in the matter of two days which they got the idea for the plot of that movie from a book but 20 years after the movie came out it was adapted to a broadway show which later got a movie adaptation. The movie is not exactly known by a lot of people today but in the 80’s a lot of people saw it and they also watched the broadway show. This movie had amazing special effects even to this day the plant moves incredibly well even later into the movie when it gets to about…show more content…
I think this is by far the best musical all of the songs in the movie are extremely catchy and all of the actors in the movie do a great job of portraying their character especially Rick Moranis who plays the main character. As I have said before they do an amazing job on the puppet work for the plant and the actual voice actor for the plant does an amazing job of making you love the character. They also did a great job of all the sets in the movie they really made it look like 1950’s/60’s New York in a poor run down neighborhood and it really adds to the whole experience of the movie. I think you should really see this movie while it is obviously not in theaters anymore it is on dvd and blu ray while I am not sure how much a normal dvd is the blu ray is 20 dollars and includes a lot of special features if you are interested in that kind of thing but i 'm sure you could find it randomly on your tv one day and just record it on your dvr but hey that’s up to

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