Little Sisters Short Story

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Little Sisters Ryan lived with her father and mother in Menlo Park, California. Behind their sunny little house was a grassy, green backyard. The sky there was always blue with puffy white clouds. Ryan was about three years old, with brown, short hair and big, blue curious eyes. If there was one thing to say about Ryan it was that she asked a lot of questions and had a lot of precociousness for a 3-year-old. She was quite thrilled having her parents all to herself. She got all the attention and didn’t want anything to change. One sunny Sunday morning, Ryan woke up in her purple bedroom to the birds chirping and the sun shining, but something seemed different. Something seemed peculiar, and she was suspicious. Ryan wandered through the house and found someone babysitting,…show more content…
“We have a new member of the family!” her parents exclaimed simultaneously. “Doggy?” Ryan inquired. “No,” said her mom joyfully, “a brand new baby sister!” Ryan sat in shock, her big eyes wide with rage. She knew what “sister” meant, and she didn’t like the sound of that AT ALL. Ryan wasn’t even trying to listen any more. She knew this “sister” would ruin her life and steal all the attention. As her parents brought the baby out Ryan shielded her eyes because she couldn’t bear to see the little thing. When Ryan uncovered them she realized that the baby was really fat and really red, it was also screaming. She thought about how she was the only one who usually screamed. The baby looked up longingly at Ryan, it put its hand towards her face. Ryan screamed at her parents to take the baby back where it came from, and then she slapped it. Her mother got very upset, but Ryan just stared at the wrinkly little thing with her best stink eye as her mom scolded her. Ryan didn’t really understand her mom’s reply but all she knew was that she would have to get rid of this
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