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Production of the First Tank “Little Willie” The idea of the tank came from farming vehicles that used tracks so the vehicle wouldn’t get stuck in the mud. The Little Willie was the first tank to ever be made in the world. It was made in the 1915s in Britain and was an early prototype of the tanks that were sent off to the trenches. The first prototype of the Little Willie was still far off from being capable of fighting, because it only went 4/mph and got stuck in the trenches very easily. The main purpose of the Little Willie was to test out the idea of how the tank would work in the trenches and testing its tracks. They first tried out farming vehicle tracks which were not very good, because the tank was very heavy and the tracks would keep on dropping off their correct place. The first type was named The Lincoln Machine. The Lincoln used the tractor tracks which were too small for the hull of the tank so the tank would wobble around and tip over easily. The Lincoln machine was also assumed to…show more content…
It was kept a secret until its first appearance in public. William Churchill the Prime Minister in England (at the time) had sponsored the production of the tank. Helping William with the production was also Lieutenant Walter Wilson and Colonel Swinton. Swinton had set minimal requirements for the tank which included that it had to go at least 4/mph, to be able to climb a five foot object or wall, be able to go over a five foot long trench and be tough enough so small arms fire couldn’t penetrate the

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