Louis May Alcott Little Women Essay

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Imagine living during the time of the Civil War. Now imagine being a teenager through the Civil War, and your father was fighting that war. “Little Women” is a book that expresses the emotion of four young sisters while their father is away at war. Each young lady has their own job ad way to keep everything orderly at home. This story by Louis May Alcott is said to have been her life with her sisters and that she was the character Ho. Alcott published this book in 1868 and the war ended in ’65, though Alcott would be much older than the girls in the book she might have still written the characters to portray her life. Thought this story readers get an inside view on life and hardships of young women during the war. In this novel readers…show more content…
Not only does she love writing she also is starting to get paid for her writings in small columns in the “Spread Eagle”. It talks about how she feels and what she wants to do than the other girls. So how did the other girls’ lives go after this if this book was mostly about Josephine? Well Jo for starters went on to write a play called “Little Women”. Meg got what she always wanted, a man, she got engaged to John Brooke who was Laurie’s tutor. Beth got and overcame Scarlett Fever, though in the short story following “Little Women” Alcott wrote a year later, it says that Beth dies. Last but not least Amy, Amy came back from her stay with Aunt Marches, where she stayed while Beth was sick, she mostly goes back to a normal except for the fact that she almost lost her sister. Father is better and comes home from the war. All ends decently well for the March family in the end of the first half. So one can only imagine this is what it was somewhat like going through a war with little money and being a woman. Each character came together in the book to mate a family, a huge dysfunctional, but loving family. This book was a very moving book for someone who know what it is like to have a family member in the military. It is a general loving book. “Little Women” is definitely a book anybody would enjoy sitting down and
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