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Live Concert Performance Review: Live On 88 Keys Edy Martinez I had the pleasure of watching the extremely talented pianist Edy Martinez play live. Edy is a known pianist, composer, musical director, and arranger. He has accompanied Tito Puentes as a musical director and has played with Celia Cruz. Ordinarily, Edy plays with his jazz orchestra, but tonight it was just him and his keys. His only instrument was a piano keyboard. His performance took place at a hidden jazz club called Le Chat Noir located in downtown Miami. Le Chat Noir has a cellar downstairs where musicians play live music; and the scenery was very intimate. The lighting was dim with all the focus on the stage. Every wooden table seemed to be draped with…show more content…
If you are Hispanic, there is a chance that you have heard this song growing up. As soon as the keys resembled the lyrics “Mami el negro esta rabioso, Quiere bailar conmigo, Decicelo a mi papa,” everyone recognized this song. You could tell by the crowd’s reaction that they really enjoyed this selection. “El Africano” had a complex rhythm that was danceable. This selection is fast in tempo and has a lot of repetition which makes it a memorable piece. All in all, it really is an enriching experience seeing musicians perform live instead of listening to them on the radio. You can see the energy and enjoyment they have while playing and having the feedback from the audience. Edy Martinez is an amazing artist with many years of experience. He was professional the entire time and one could tell that he really loves what he does. If Edy was great with just a piano, imagine him with his jazz orchestra! Now that would be something to experience. The audience enjoyed the performance as much as I did, giving Edy Martinez a standing ovation. I don’t remember the last time I saw a live performance, but this will definitely not be my

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