Live Each Moment For What Is Worth By Erma Bombeck Analysis

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The Meaning of Life
Have you ever had a slow moving day and just wondered what life is truly about? Is it about having big dreams and working to accomplish them, or is it about enjoying yourself and creating great memories with the opportunity life throws at you? From my stand point it is about enjoying every single day and creating wonderful memories because you never know when your last day may be. Erma Bombeck, the author, emphasizes on the article mainly by stating, “Live each moment for what is worth,” in which she discusses that people should take advantage of opportunities presented to them before it is too late. She is encouraging people, mainly women, to not make excuses for why they are unable to do something.
Therefore, as I was waking up one Saturday morning my body took a different turn, seeking excitement and adventure instead of going to an eight-hour work shift. I knew that the only way I was going to get off work without getting fired was by having a good excuse. So as my boss picked up the phone I changed my tone of voice making it sound as if I was ill or disappointed. I explained to him that I was not going to be able to make it because I had awakened with the flu. Best of all it worked! From there it was for sure that it was going
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Sometimes it may have a negative affect depending on the situation, just as how Pablo Escobar used his profits from selling drugs to help those in need, which eventually got him killed. Seizing the moment is also about taking chances and making that first move to talk to the prettiest girl in school. Lastly, it shows that sometimes it is okay to drift away from our daily routine and try something new. Ultimately, the choice is always yours and you make the decision to whether engage in a risky or awkward situation are you willing to, “Seize the moment for what is

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