Live Free And Starve Analysis

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Evil is the deterioration of innocence and the engagement in activities that are morally incorrect. The proper response to evil is to avoid it or to gain strength through your suffering to overcome it. In my opinion, morals are the right thing. My definition of doing the right thing is to avoid arrogant actions (being conceited, feeling like your problems are superior to others), dehumanizing others and to treat others with the respect that you expect for yourself. In the texts’, the authors’ have similar views on this as well. In the articles the authors main agreements when discussing what evil is were all similar in the sense that one of the greatest crimes one can commit is to place suffering upon innocent people. I agree with this when the suffering has no correlation to the person or their actions. What I mean by this is that when people are faced with suffering but they have not…show more content…
She explains that the evil (children turning to new evils to escape their issues), would be worse than just allowing them to work to benefit their families. Her solution to this is to find ways to make their lives better after they escape their current evil. Examples she uses are to provide them with education and programs to escape poverty. This supports my idea that evil takes away the innocence of children and the less fortunate because the children who represent innocence are being stripped of their innocence. They are also being challenged with evil making their situation seem even more cruel. The evils that will make their situation more cruel are those that could happen if they stop working. Examples of new evils would be prostitution and street life. These are viewed as evil to us because they take away the innocence of the
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