Live Like You Were Dying: The Philosophy Of Carpe Diem

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With both philosophies of, Carpe diem and the acronym YOLO comes an abundant amount of confusion and opinions; they are not synonyms. In agreement with the philosophy of Carpe diem, humans tend to sit and wait around instead of seizing the day or moment. Tim McGraw’s country song, “Live Like You Were Dying” is a quintessential example of Carpe diem. Lyrics such as, “I went skydiving, I went Rocky Mountain climbing, I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fumanchu” helps render to the philosophy of Carpe diem. With the phrase YOLO meaning, “you only live once” ensues teenagers, as of myself, to bypass the substantial outcomes that can happen. Therefore, the term YOLO cannot be agreed with, due to the thought process and actions of those who live
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