Live Simulation Homeless People

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Since our last progress report our group has changed a lot, and many new ideas have formed to make our stimulation more organized and successful. Our goal is to educate people and help them better understand homelessness through a live simulation. During the live simulation want simulate the types of situations, people who experience homelessness encounter. This will help people better understand what its like to be homeless and will put them in the shoes of someone who faces this situation. In the beginning of our group plan was to have the simulation in the lobby on Upton-Hastings and the people would only be allowed a pillow and blanket and though out the night the members of our group would be the challenges homeless people may face at night. For example being kicked out of a certain area and having to move, or sleeping outside in the cold of awhile. The goal is to really get the real affect on what homeless people go through, but also be safe and educational about it.…show more content…
We met as group again last week with Dan and had discussed moving our simulation to the soccer field and having the event there instead. Then as a group we came up with the idea of having a pizza party after the simulation for everyone who had joined the event. Our new plan has been formed and more thought out and will be happening next week on the turf soccer field at USM and our group has made and hung flyers to get people aware of the event. Some of our members will also be going with Dan Welters and getting supplies for our simulation and Dan will order the pizzas for everyone after. The event will be held during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week on Tuesday the 17th starting at 8pm and going until

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