Livesey And Trelawney Character Analysis

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In the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, a young boy by the name of Jim Hawkins goes on an adventure after finding a treasure map. The map leads Jim and a crew of pirates to Skeleton Island, the location of Captain Flint's’ treasure. While on the adventure, two of Jim’s allies, Dr. Livesey and Mr. Trelawney, solidify their relationship. Dr. Livesey and Mr. Trelawney have similarities, differences, and questions in their relationship, for example, why they are friends. One of Livesey’s and Trelawney's relationships similarities is that they are serious when they work. Long John Silver tells Dr. Livesey that without the Doctor and Jim, Long John would be dead and that the Doctor would not give a thought about him. ”Not a thought”…show more content…
Jim just told the captain, the squire, and the doctor about Long John’s plan to mutiny. Calmly and seriously “Captain,” said the doctor, “with your permission, that's Silver. A very remarkable man”(148). The Doctor did not shout in surprise or anything like that. He very calmly and seriously said to the three other people at the table who and what they were up against. He would not waste emotion on this topic that demanded seriousness. While the Doctor reacts very calmly, the squire reacts very differently. Jim tells the captain, the squire, and the doctor about the mutiny plotted by Long John Silver. With lots of emotion “Now, captain,” said the squire, “you were right, and I was wrong. I own myself an ass, and I await your orders” (148). The squire reacted with surprise because he did not think that the captain was right about the crew. Though that was a time where seriousness was needed, the squire reacted how he usually would when he thought that he was right and he wasn’t, with surprise. Though their similarities and differences are clearly seen, what makes them friends, that is the main
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