Livestock Production System Essay

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Pravin N. Thote
Type of assignment- End-term paper submission of Ecology.

Discuss the place that livestock production system hold in India’s Economy.

Indian economy became a third largest economy of the world as per the latest report of World Bank. However, Indian economy still lagging behind in many spheres. In India, in 2008, 58% of total working populace was engaged in agriculture and its contribution to national income was 17.5%. Indian economy is a unique blend of public and private sector. In its entire plan period, the government has invested 45% capital in public sector. The major resources of production are still in the hand of private sector after liberalization, Indian economy is going ahead as a capitalist
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Yes Livestock plays a very important role in Indian economy, it is one of the main contributor in primary sector. However, as I have argued that livestock rearing is feeding to millions of people. The present system is not very justifiable. What is the future for livestock systems globally? Several scholars agree that increase in the demand for livestock production is driven largely by human population growth, income growth and urbanization, and it will continue for the next three decades at least. Globally, increase in livestock output in the recent past have been focused mostly by animal science and technology, scientific and technological developments in breeding, nutrition and animal health will continue to contribute in increasing possible production and further effectiveness and hereditary gains. Demand for livestock products in the future, particularly in developed countries, could be heavily qualified by socio-economic factors such as human health concerns and moving socio-cultural values. Well commercialization of livestock has somewhere attacked the cultural heritage of primitive Indian society. It has somewhere challenged diverse system or self-sufficient agricultural system which was supplementary to livestock system. Presently, live stocks are used for meat purpose majorly, which again demands more water consumption. New commercialized livestock is more prone to epidemics. Since we know that India is highly diverse nation. And diversity in Indian livelihood could be better utilized for livestock, like; Pashmina goat found in Himalayan ranges, could be better nourished in that area only. Apart from this, there is need of uniform policies for the livestock throughout the country. And then a comprehensive planning institution is also
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