Living Dead Girl Summary

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Living Dead Girl Summary Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott is heartbreaking, devastating, and just plain wrong. At just ten years old, Alice, originally named Kayla, was taken from her family, friends, and loved ones. Ray took her and drove her away into the woods, where he beat her until she bled hard. Eventually, they made it back to Ray’s apartment, which was going to be Kayla’s new home for the next five years. Ray changed Kayla’s name to Alice. Alice must do whatever Ray asks her to. If she runs, eats when she is not told to, disobeys Ray’s assaulting orders, or if she does not love him, her family will be killed, and Ray will tell the police that Alice killed her family. Alice is allowed to go buy Ray’s groceries, medications, and clothes, but she will never be able to run away. At home, Alice nearly starves every day,…show more content…
Ray never had a loving mother when he grew up, and so he is taking his anger out on Alice. Now Alice is dead, her heart is still beating, but she feels dead. Nobody ever notices her, or is empathetic for her. Alice contemplates everyday to take the kitchen knife and commit suicide, but never works up the courage to do so. All Alice ever wants is to escape the terror of Ray’s hot hands, grasping, sexual assaults, and hurting. There was another Alice before Kayla, another toy for Ray to play with. The first Alice was taken when she was ten, kept by Ray until she was 15, and then murdered because she was getting too old for Ray. The new Alice was waiting for that day to come, for the pain to be over, but it never came. Until one day, Ray finds a new girl that he wants in the park, named Annabel, only about eight years old. He wants her now. Alice will do whatever it takes to get away from Ray, even if it means sacrificing the life of a young girl from her family. A young teenage boy, listening in on Ray and Alice’s everyday conversations in the park, decides that something needs to be done. Ray takes a bullet to the
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