Eternal Life Reflection

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In the last few weeks I read through the book Living Dying, Living Forever and reflected on it. In this paper, I reflect on my personal life journey and my understanding about death, and explore how this new understanding will enable me to have a greater awareness in ministering to others. In brief, I see a different perspective of life that gives me hope to embrace eternity. It helps me to focus on what is important in life and to leave a lasting legacy for those who come after me. It also increases my awareness of ministering to others to give them loving kindness and show them compassion.

My personal life journey As I pass through different seasons of life, I have increasingly come to the realization that soon I will pass away. As Psalm
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I feel insecure and have concerns. However, Scripture encourages me that even at the end of my days, the love of God will not leave me alone as "[He is] with me" (Psalm 23:4). It is the presence of God that provides me with security throughout my life, even at the time of my death. Also I realize that my relationship with God will not just end at my death, but it is forever, as John 10:28 says "I give them eternal life". Jesus comforts us in John 14:1-3 that we are going to a place, heaven, which Jesus has prepared for us. This place is the home of God, where I will be ultimately with God. There are wonderful images of heaven as described in Revelation 21. I envision heaven as a home of warmth, harmony, joy without tears, and a place where I am in the presence of God forever. There is no pain and sorrow, and new hopes and new things are before me. These truths encourage me to leave this temporary earthly dwelling to an eternal place in heaven. I noticed there is a deep desire in me to go to this place where I belong. I long to be in Heaven, as that is where I can have an unbroken relationship with God. I should not be afraid and learn to trust in God when I approach dying. Sherbino says, "Dying is not something we need to fear, but simply part of the process of going home to be with the Lord God

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