Living Hell Summary

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Living hell summary The book, Living Hell, written by Catherine Jinks and published by Graphia on April 7, 2010. The book is a science fiction novel and has themes such as horror, mystery, and suspense. The book will often get you to the edge of your seat as you wonder what will happen next and some scenes that are quite gruesome and horrific and it really tells you how horrible the event is. The main character is Cheney, who is determined and a strong fighter both physically and mentally. Then we have Dygall, who is reckless and unpredictable. After that, we have Cheney’s parents, one of them is a skilled doctor and the other is a respected captain. Now, we have Merrit who is smart and insightful, and finally, Arkwright, who is brave and a genius. The story takes place in space many years…show more content…
While traveling in the air ducts, they stumbled into their friends Merrit and Haemon. They decided that if they were going to survive then they had to find some weapons. While searching, Cheney found Inaret, who was a child and was just hiding during the entire time. Suddenly, they were ambushed by some OTVs, Cheney managed to fight off one, but he was knocked unconscious by another OTV. When he woke up he was reunited with the group and learned that his dad found Cheney and killed the OTV. After greeting each other again, the group travels again to find a safe place. They soon discover a man in a room so they try to save him. The man was Arkwright and was connected with the ship, by connected I mean connected as in he was now part of the ship itself. The crew frantically tries to pull him out, but they just couldn 't do it. they discovered that the reason Arkwright did this was to connect himself to the ship computer so he can delete the records of all the crew members so none of the monsters were able to detect them. Forever grateful for what Arkwright had done, they were able to survive and live a full life. After this encounter, they never took anything
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