Essay On Living In A Driverless Future

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Living in a Driverless Future: Delightful or Dangerous? How interested would you be if somebody offered to hire you a chauffeur which could drive you anywhere, come back to pick you up, and be completely free to you? Odds are, you would be jumping all over it. However, robotic, not human, helpers may be the next great milestone in transportation. Tomorrow, maybe, completely autonomous cars will steer themselves across mountain ranges and through downtowns. Across the world, hundreds of millions or even perhaps billions of people will be safer than ever, more prosperous than ever, and more efficient than ever. Despite, some people will say self-driving cars will foster an environment of less safety, rather than more. They say hackers may be able gain control of cars from the outside. However, this is not true because the sensors on a car can and will be programmed to automatically detect and shut down malicious invaders, through reasons which I actually will explain later. When the next great locomotion revolution comes, everyone needs to be ready to embrace all the benefits and great luxuries which will come with self-driving cars without any hesitation.…show more content…
For starters, practically every driver speeds. Perhaps if there are enough autonomous cars on the road, the speed limits can be reworked to allow driving faster, decreasing commute time and saving time. Secondly, if cars are redesigned, people can be productive during what is essentially wasted time. With this extra time gained, which can be used for working, relaxing, or resting, people will be much happier. Actually, according to, switching to autonomous cars as a country “would imply a time savings worth $99 billion every single year.” In other words, every year the United States could save enough money to buy the company Nike and still have a little cash left. Driverless cars are a great timesaver compared to conventional
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