Living In America Essay

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Living in America, is one of the easiest ways of living in the eyes of those less fortunate than us. In this land, we posses great medical care, education, jobs, more than enough food, and ecpecially freedom and equality. The reality lies within the lines marking this territory. America is not a free land, it is a country mostly dominated by white male political figures. With all of the great things in our country, freedom and equality must come next. The Declaration, states that “All men are created equal”, but at the time that was written it was with the exception of African slaves, and women. Today we still face problems with racism, lately on the news there has been an insane amount of occurences, where African-American citizens of the…show more content…
My parents had to teach my sisters and I that when we talk to autority figures, not only police but our school administrators as well, we have to communicate differently and watch what we say. Parents with white children have the luxury of not having to teach their children that. There was a lot of doubt in my head being so young, I didn’t understand that people would try to target me at such a young age. Not only that but I didn’t understand why people would do that because of my skin color. My young, naive mind thought people don’t do that anymore, that was only when black people were slaves. Being so oblivious and not trusting my parents word, I acted up in class and was disrespectful to my teachers. My first suspension in school was in kindergarten for flipping off another student. I was unaware, the meaning of this gesture. A kindergartener put into In School Suspension for holding up their middle finger. Other kids would have been punished with a slap on the wrist, and told don’t do it again. But that’s obviously not severe enough for a young mutt. This petite incident, relates to cops killing these African-Americans. Not nearly as scarring or brutal, but shows a connection between autority figures and black people. Authority figures are harsher on African-Americans in crimes and punishment, opposed to white
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