Living In Poverty

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Living in the United States, trying to raise a family is hard to do by itself. Trying to accomplish this while living in poverty is unimaginable. Living in poverty is very difficult and this is something that affects over 14 million Americans. Unfortunately, many children across America are also affected by poverty.

People who are living in poverty must live “paycheck to paycheck”. This means that the provider makes just enough money in their paychecks to pay their bills and then keep moving on to the next month. This lifestyle results in these families not always having enough money for things such as food, gas, clothing, etc. These people have to go through many hardships because of this type of lifestyle. For example, many people who live paycheck to paycheck suffer from depression and high levels of stress. In the PBS Documentary, the mother of the Hegwood family tells us that she has to take medication for her depression and stress levels. The mother also reveals her income and how much her bills are. It works out so that she only has about a hundred dollars per month to spend on food and gas. These are just some of the struggles these people go through. The Davis Family has to commute two hours together each day to drive their father to and from work. The Smith Family doesn 't even have a working sink because they can 't afford a plumber. In conclusion, people living in poverty go through many daily struggles simply because they cannot afford to get ahead.

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