Living Like Weasels Essay

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As humans, we tend to set ourselves apart from other animals. As we see it, animals are mindless and base their choices on instinct or survival. However, humans are superior because we have developed intellect that influences our actions. Despite this thought, Annie Dillard has rejected these ideas in her essay “Living Like Weasels,” suggesting that we should all become more attuned with nature. She believes that nature has powerful messages to teach us. Occasionally, following your basic instinct will free you from the senseless background noise that life can bring. Throughout my life, I have often seen nature from a distance. It has become something that I know is there, but I never take the time to focus in on the details. However, one…show more content…
Much like my encounter with the deer, she connects with a weasel. This connection goes beyond just a simple glance. In the essay it says,”I’ve been in that weasel’s brain for sixty seconds, and he was in mine” (Dillard 121). While inside the weasels brain, it became clear to her that she, and many others, has been immune to nature. She comes to the conclusion that humans should focus more on their instinct for guidance. The weasel shows tenacity and determination; something that she believes many individuals are lacking. She is fascinated by their mindlessness and purity. Eventually, she decides that she wants to learn how to live like a weasel. Living for basic need and necessity is the embodiment of a life well…show more content…
Even though very few people have the chance to encounter nature up close, it still has the potential to teach us valuable lessons about life. In Annie Dillard’s “Living Like Weasels,” nature shows her the necessities of life and living on instinct. Dillard believes that living based on instinct is the superior way of life. I believe her philosophy can play a great role in an individual's life. However, I believe that humans should not ignore their intellectual sides. We are creatures of nature, but we have to ability to expand our minds. Life should consist of a balance between intellect and
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