Living Old Analysis

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Advances in technology have enabled our society to lead longer lives. Instead of infectious diseases seizing lives at mid-life, chronic illnesses plague bodies until they are clutched by death. As chronicity riddles aged bodies, the demands for caregivers are on the rise. Caregivers eventually bear the burden of taking care of loved ones at high costs financially, physically, and emotionally. This discussion will address a documentary, along with subtleties that I was previously unaware of, an attribute I found most surprising, and an influential outlook that will affect my nursing practice. In the documentary Living Old, one thing I was unacquainted with was how deeply chronic illnesses affected the caregiver in every aspect (Fanning &…show more content…
The one piece of information that will most likely affect my nursing practice will be to ensure I inquire about a caregiver’s emotional state and how he or she is coping. As an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse, I see firsthand how caregivers resume care at the hospital for his or her loved ones, even though there are health care professionals ready to take care of personal needs. It seems as if a caregiver does not know when to stop giving. A caregiver will at times, succumb under mounting challenges and tribulations at some point and will need support. For caregivers experiencing stress, self-help groups can be beneficial (Tabloski, 2014). As a nurse, I must extend my concerns for the caregiver as well. In conclusion, living old can be picturesque with today’s advances in medicine, however, the aftermaths of aging can deteriorate bodily systems. Living with a loved one diagnosed with chronic illnesses can profoundly impact a caregiver’s life to the point that it paralyzes social life as well. With the same token, the deep-seeded love for the loved one flows unfaltering and permeates to the core of the heart. The mind-numbing process of debilitating illnesses eventually take a toll on caregivers. Hence, as a nurse, I must be diligent to delve into a caregiver’s emotional
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