Living On Minimum Wage Analysis

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I watched a documentary called “Living on Minimum Wage” in the series Thirty Days. In the series Thirty Days, a man named Morgan Spurlock puts himself into certain situations to experience the problems some Americans face everyday. Mr. Spurlock decided to live off of minimum wage in the state of Ohio. The minimum wage in Ohio now is $8.10 per hour, but in 2005, when the episode was filmed, the minimum wage was $5.15 per hour. He started off with one week worth minimum wage ($300). Morgan and his girlfriend were not allowed to use any credit cards or money they earned before the episode. Morgan got a job in construction that paid a little better than the temp agency was offering him. His girlfriend got a job at a coffee shop. They rented an apartment that is in a low income area with minimum furniture. Morgan ended up getting seriously hurt at work and needed to go to the emergency room. His bills were three months worth of his salary, so Morgan Spurlock ended the episode in debt. This is an issue if this is someone’s real life. Those people have to live penny to penny for food, water, and a place to sleep. No one should struggle for their survival needs. The debate on minimum wage should be brought to everyone’s attention. Americans, obviously, can not live off of the…show more content…
No one understands the struggle someone is going through unless you are in his or her shoes. Morgan Spurlock lived this situation and filmed the struggles to show everyone that this is bigger issue than it seems. The person next to you at the store could be struggling to buy the cheapest loaf of bread that he or she got off the shelf. All Americans should watch this inspirational episode to fully understand that there are problems that may not be living, but someone else is. This can have the Americans who are voting get more interested into that specific issue and determine the right candidate for his or her
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