Living Outside The Norm In The Awakening

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As women, centuries ago, they have always been expected to do a certain things throughout their lives, such as being around their children the majority of the time or maybe just maintain the house. For all this time, society established a sort of misplaced control over their lives. Recently, however, this has changed; a new generation of society was born which started to accept women for who they are. Many women fought for their rights as well as a change of living for not just themselves but for everyone. Now, as a new dawn breaks, women can be seen in the seats of power and responsibility which they were wrongfully denied for generations. Edna Pontellier who showed us that living outside the norm is not a horrible matter and emerging from such a routine based society is a way to express yourself to the fullest.…show more content…
At the time women were expected to be “hover moms” rather than separating from their children. Her friends Mademoiselle Reisz introduced her to something named art. She fell in love with it since she mainly thought that was a perfect way to express herself during her awakening. She was the few women to stand up for themselves and do what they want just like men at the time. Women were called stupid for being outside the norm, but I see at as a symbol of bravery. All these changes Edna made were so meaningful and represents her actual personality. Before her awakening she didn’t show anything of her true personality along with millions of women. Many people judged and mistreated her, but no matter what the obstacles were in Edna’s way she tried overcoming them the best way she can. Not only society was countering her ways of thinking, but also her husband, Leonce
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