Living Personal Vision Statement

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Living Personal Vision Statement
Name Nolan Logan Group Number 59
My vision for where I want to be when I graduate is to have experienced stresses like never before, gained individual skills, created friendships that will last a lifetime, become an ethical leader, and a major asset to any company from the knowledge I inherited.
My five most valuable strengths are: competitiveness, determination, confidence, outgoingness, and leadership skills. My competitive nature will allow me to work harder than the rest to achieve better results not only in class but with extra-curricular opportunities. Determination will complement my competitiveness by keeping me on track of what has to be done along the way. My confident and outgoing attitude will help me network and connect with others, making it imaginable to achieve like-minded goals. Tying everything together will be my leadership skills. My leadership skills will help me overcome adversity in a group environment by helping lead by example.
Since I am only a first-year university student, I am lacking
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I will make monthly ‘due date’ and weekly ‘to do’ lists to help me stay organized. My weekly schedule will consist of readings, small assignments, projects, and studying for upcoming exams. My monthly schedule will include larger topics like exams, papers, large assignments, and group projects. I will keep both of these lists on my computer and other personal devices using Outlook Calendar and I will reflect on them daily. To get the best marks possible and to get the most out my time at university, I will take advantage of the HSB mentoring program, the Student Success Center, and studying with friends. These strategies will help me keep my work and priorities in order, and lead me to success at

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