Ideal Living Room

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1.0 Introduction
In this modern world, the living standards of the people are relatively higher than last few decades. A living room, also known as lounge room, is a room in a house for relaxing and socialising. To design an ideal living room, one should consider many factors so as to provide an eco-friendly environment, emotional well-being and practical aspects to the people for their high living standards.
The main aim of this report is to highlight the important factors such as environmental, affective and practical that should consider when designing a living room and offer better recommendations. This report is written for Jo Quan, teacher of Murdoch Institute of Technology as part of English for Academic Purposes course requirement.
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Insulation acts as a barrier to heat loss and heat gain, particularly in the roofs, walls and floors. Installing an appropriate insulation helps to maintain the indoor temperature of the room and have positive effects on the health (Omer 2008 145). Insulation is not just limited to the roofs but can be installed in the walls, floors and ceilings which helps to reduce energy consumption by 20-30% (Sustainable Home Design n.d.).

3.0 Affective factors
Affective factors refers to the interior representation and decoration of the modern working or living place which influence the emotional and mental state of the people. This includes the appropriate use of colours, lighting and decoration schemes in designing an ideal living room.
3.1 Colour scheme for a living room
Colours have many advantageous impacts on the psychological and emotional status of the people. Cooler and neutral colours have positive impacts on the mood of the people. For example, according to Elliot et al, blue colour is related with lowered mood, however red associated with the avoidance behaviour and reduced performance of some tasks (2007). To design an ideal living room, colours should be choose wisely and preference should be given to the colours which have cold nature like blue and green so it relax, soothe and calm the
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Ergonomics plays a significant role in the living room, as this room is mostly use by the people for relaxing and watching television with other family members. Ergonomics sofa, couches and tables are useful in decreasing the back pain and neck pain of the people (Ergonomics Living Room n.d.). Ergonomics furniture also helps people to feel relax and increase the concentration level which leads to the health improvement of the
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