The Importance Of Small Spaces In Slums

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Considering the small sum of their monthly income, the spaces that these families can rent that are often just small rooms available in slums; the entire family of husband, wife and 4-5 children live within the space of a room or two rooms at the maximum (with each room having a maximum space of 12×10f). The cooking and living space is usually within the same room; during the day the bedding is folded and kept away to make room to sit, during the night everyone adjusts and sleeps within the same space. There is often little light and ventilation and the rooms are dark and dingy. In some households, the space is so small that the garment pieces occupy the whole house and members sit and work in the little space around it; some sitting on top…show more content…
Small spaces have one or two Addas (traditional Indian cot) in them, while larger spaces may have more. Often multiple Addas are placed close to each other to maximise space utilisation; there is just enough space for the children to sit around the Addas and work. These rooms are often taken in places where rent and consequently available services are poor; they are bare rooms where old carpets have been spread, on which the Addas are laid out or stitching units are placed. Many do not have fans and during summers can get extremely hot to work in. Since the work is undertaken in anonymity, hiding from the police or any visitor, many of these units cover their windows with paper or cloth, reducing ventilation and making the room stuffy. The rooms usually have few windows and are poorly lit; most units work all day long in artificial light. The Addas and work equipment are kept away at night and the children sleep in the same space. In Addas, all child labourers live and work together, irrespective of age; thus children of all ages (6-18 years) have to share the space with much older men as well. In some of the Addas, there is cooking facility and supplies provided by the owner. In such units, the younger workers/children may often be asked to cook for all. In some Addas, there may be cooking facility, however the supplies would have to be bought by the workers, often children. Further, there are also Addas where workers go out and eat either paid for by the owner or

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