Living The American Dream Analysis

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Living the American Dream For over decades now many people from all over the world travel to America, to pursue the American dream. The American dream, gives hope to those who seek opportunity and a new life of fulfilment. The idea of everyone having equal opportunities to seek out their own desires and to succeed in life is known as the American dream. Everyone has their own aspect of the American dream, for example most might view the American dream as buying a house with a white picket fence or just having wealth and enjoying life. What we know for sure there is no exact words to describe the American dream. With that being said the American dream gives everyone opportunity and hope and those who set their own goals will achieve them with work hard and dedication to reach the goals they have set but only a few will achieve these goal that they have set.…show more content…
In the article “Long Live the American Dream” by Shikha Dalmia said “the fundamental problem is that both countries (referring to India and china) put their resources into educating elite kids-and ignoring the rest”. By not educating the rest of them and just elite the whole country fails as whole. Also Dalmaia said “unless more Indian and Chinese kids get access to a quality education, their countries won’t be able to actualize their human potential, precisely what America does so well”. Although we are superior in education, we have a better infrastructure and a better civil society. While India’s-roads, water, sewage, remain primitive. A report has been found that India provides 105 liters per person when the minimum standard is 150 liters. Whereas china puts a one child policy which decimates the natural safety net that old people rely on traditional societies. America’s intangible wealth makes everyone productive and successful than other
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