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The “living Tree” approach versus strict construction is another important aspect of the major terms and conditions set in the constitution act (1867). Canada has a “living tree” approach when it refers to the legal system we have in Canada. The Judical Committee of the Privy Council once stated that “The British North America Act planted in Canada a living tree capable of growth and expansion within its natural limits” (McCormack & Bueckert, 2013). In Canada we have a very democratic way of seeing and applying our decisions on different political views. Whether it’s voting in elections to elect new MP, elect a new Prime Minister or the voting between the political parties in the house of commons when deciding on important issues in our society, a decision is never made without the vote between many people.…show more content…
Canada as a whole has a broader legal system, than a narrow legal system where democracy has very little importance. The “Living Tree” approach versus strict construction set in the constitution act (1867) paved the path for the major issues we still address today. Without the “Living Tree” approach in Canada’s legal system, we would not have the broad points of view we on major issues we face today. Canada is able to over come many boundaries the country faces everyday and because of the “Living Tree” approach to the legal system in Canada, the country us able to improve the legal system to become one of the best legal systems in the

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