Advantages Of Living In A Utopian Society

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Wouldn 't you like to wake up and be able to make your own choices ? Decide on what you want to wear or what you want to eat? And not let someone else do it for you? Living in a democratic society with freedom is better than living in a utopian society because there is freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and you have the freedom to make your own choices. Waking up with freedom in a democratic society means you 're able to choose what you want to do. And someone won 't do it for you or try to make your decisions for you. Like if you wake up and you want cereal you can eat cereal no one is gonna tell you no. You have the decision to do what you want. Unlike the utopian society when you have a dream like when “jonas did he didn 't have…show more content…
And these freedoms are important because they keep you safe and it helps you through life. Freedom of speech is important because then you 're able to say what you want without someone telling you that it 's wrong. Freedom of religion is important is important because then you are able to choose your religion and you 're able to go to church. Freedom to make your own choice is when you 're able to choose what you want and not someone else or letting someone else make your decision for…show more content…
But you have the freedom to choose what you want your religion to be. And the lord you want to worship with the religion you choose. And you 're safe to choose what you want most democrats are christian but there is others that have different religion. Unlike the giver “your completely free from religion” but in a democratic society you can choose your religion but you don 't have to have a religion it would be your choice to have a religion. Because you have the freedom to choose what you want unlike the giver “ they chose for
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