Liz Addison Two Year Are Better Than Four Analysis

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In the article “Two Year Are Better Than Four,” written by Liz Addison. She expressed her view that the community college also has significant importance in comparison with the university. Also she mentioned that community colleges do not receive the attention and admission from the education system and that community college do not receive the acknowledgment and appreciation that they deserve “College as America used to understand it is coming to an end” (Addison 211). Many argue that education really isn’t worth it at all. That intellectualism comes from somewhere other than colleges and schools. They believe that there are more important things than the degree you earn. They insist that learning basic principles through daily life…show more content…
All the resources and supports students find in college will help them succeed after graduate and in a long way in their lifetime. Liz states, "the community colleges of America cover this country college by college and community by community. They offer a network of affordable future, of accessible hope, and an option of dream. In the cold light of day, is it perhaps no more important to foster students with dreams rather than a building take-over"(Liz214)? The community college even all the talking still strong and still maintains its integrity, is offer students a full college experience supports they need to achieve their dreams. In sum, college will never close, it gives a chance to everyone. That is why I believe college is really matter. In short, Life experience in college offer so many opportunities to students, I will always maintain that college is matter. However, in the other hand to respond to Liz, I don't think two years college are better than four years university. I see college as a short bridge to go through before university, it is a beginning of a dream for some people who will later seek university to master their knowledge. And also, I think it is smarter to think to go college before
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