Liz Addison's Essay 'Colleges Prepares People For Life'

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Liz Addison, who graduated from Piedmont Virginia Community College and Southern Maine Community College agreed that community college was better than a university. Addison believed that a four-year college was for the “privileged class”. Addison viewed universities as the “privileged class” due to students applying at their curriculum vitae. In addition, Liz Addison tells the importance of community college. Addison then goes on to tell how high school graduates have a hard time getting into universities; the odds of entering would be low. She stated community college only started with one placement test. Liz Addison argues that “The community college of America cover this country college by college and community by community. They offer a …show more content…

When it come to picking a college it's going off based on what the student environment, learning type, and etc. I believe another essay that ties into Liz Addison Essay is “ Colleges Prepares People for Life” by Freeman Hrabowski. Freeman Hrabowski, president of University of Maryland, in his essay he argues “echoed an increasingly common refrain that college is expensive, that students are taking on unmanageable debt and that they too often graduate unprepared for the world of work” (259). According to both Addison and Hrabowski, college is expensive, but Addison believes that there are ways around paying a high cost of going to college. In addition, Hrabowski feels that even though colleges has ways around paying high cost that either way it goes it would be a bad investment, due to, a student dropping out, or not passing a class. When Hrabowski stated “ that students take on unmanageable debts” I agree with that statement, because when students can’t receive college initiative help they have to go out and get loans, when a student get a loan that's money they have to pay back meaning putting them in debt which I believe is a stressful thing, at an early age, while trying to handle

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