Liz Addison's Two Years Are Better Than Four

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In the paper, "Two Years Are Better than Four,” the writer, Liz Addison, communicates her sentiment on the essentialness of junior colleges. She writes in light of the absence for consideration and significance to junior colleges. As she would see it, junior colleges do not get the affirmation and thankfulness that they merit. Inside of the article, Addison references Rick Perlstein commonly and gives him mention for his thought that school as it used to be, a period of relaxation, had arrived at an end. Addison fuses the principal thought of her paper into the initial few sections and expresses, "My conjecture, finding for some hidden meaning, is that Mr. Perlstein has never set foot in an American Junior college" (Source A).

Combined with the written work that preceded this announcement, this line sets up Addison 's paper and gives her postulation. Another major factor that was executed in this paper was a mission statement. Addison announces her announcement inside of the 6th passage of
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Based on both essays, I would have to say that community colleges are essential for people who need an education at a lower cost from the classes to books. Some colleges however teach complicated courses that have really nothing to do with a major, but is still required in order to get a degree and that college experience of fun and hard work is just gone according with Perlstein’s essay. Community education is key factor for specific career areas that could help people gain the necessary education without the extra elective credits that students would pay for even if it has nothing to do with what kind of job they want. Addison’s essay is my favorite out of the two because it uses the good point’s in Perlstein’s essay and bringing it into hers and to help prove her point about two year colleges getting their recognition they deserve for excellent education and inexpensive, yet effective methods to help people who can’t afford a regular college without extreme
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