Liz Murray: A Story That Changed My Life

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Throughout my life, I have endured obstacles that I progressed and pass through. There was a point in my life where my family was stuck in a difficult situation. The issue had impacted my entire family, although I was too little to be aware. As I grew up and found out further, it didn’t affect me too immensely. The obstacle was my view on my family values but, Liz Murray, my inspiration had changed my view. One person that inspired me to exceed the barrier to my ambition is Liz Murray. Her story had inspired me to not lose sight of my dreams and be persistent through arduous times. Liz Murray was born into poverty along with her sister. Her parents had major illnesses and were drug-addicts. Liz Murray’s mother later died and she was homeless at a young age along with her father and sister. Her life had started to progress exceptionally when she joined an academy in Manhattan. She soon got an opportunity to receive a scholarship and went Harvard after she graduated high school. Her story motivates many to overcome their…show more content…
Despite the fact that she was homeless and had nothing, she didn’t give up. She worked and believed that she can obtain success. Amidst her troubling situation, she was successful because she wanted to support her family. She didn’t want her sister to tolerate the painful experience she encountered. Her thoughtfulness of her family made me consider how my views had changed on family values. Bonding with your family and living through thick and thin can help you relieve the weight on your shoulders when it comes to difficult problems. The stress and burden of relying on yourself is deleterious. Liz Murray’s story has altered many of my view and values in life. It helped me perceive and discover the true meaning behind obstacles. Being persistent changes your Her values, her morals, and her accomplishment were made by her own
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