Liz Murray's Drug Informative Essay: Drug Addiction

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Imagine a nightmare you can never wake up from. You’re drowning with all your pain and you have to realize, drugs are your new reality. Ma can’t look at you the way she looks at drugs. Drugs take everything from you. It makes you choose between family and what is wrong. It’s a battle that takes the ones you love suffer with you. Drug addicts can only get help they need when they think about life beyond the drug wall. Drug addiction has made people today choose between the right and the wrong.
Drug addiction is a disease that makes you deny family and choose to struggle. Liz Murray shows her relationship with her family and drugs when she writes, "Drugs were like a wrecking ball tearing through our family, and even though Lisa and I were impacted,
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Liz Murray shows her sister and herself suffer with her parents when she writes, “You can’t spend the money! We need food! I’m starving, my stomach burns. We didn’t eat dinner and you’re going to get high? Liza would scream” (53). Liz’s parents got money from the government every month and even at times Liz’s Ma sold stuff that were around the house. Liz had to deal with the pain of knowing her Ma was selling her own body for money. Instead of the parent 's saving the money and helping their own children, they went out getting high and acting reckless. Their children watched helpless, while they starved, tried to fit in, and admit to themselves their parents loved them without any words of effort to prove them right. Their parent’s mistakes caused them there 's. Furthermore, David Sack a M.D stated, “Children grow up facing a lifetime of issues other children don’t have to manage. They tend to have more emotional, behavioral and academic problems than other kids, and are four times more likely to become an addict themselves” (lines~4-6). Growing up facing drugs when your suppose to be making memorable memories, is like creating a rip in your child. Being exposed at a young age is no surprise to become an addict yourself. You have no control of it, knowing that a parent is supposed to be the role model, youngsters thing it’s ok. Young people end up going the same route their parents went and there 's no one there they can
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