Liza Dolittle As A Flower Girl Analysis

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2. The transformation of Liza Doolittle from a common flower girl to a lady. The bet is accepted by the professor that he would transform Eliza the Shabby flower girl into a lady and that she would be able to pass on as a duchess in the garden of an ambassador. The process of her education is difficult. Eliza has courage, talent, and determination as so as able to face the difficulties through the process of her education in phonetics. She realizes as her education proceeds that the difference in a flower girl is not how she behaves but how she is treated. Her experience is apart from the things anyone can pick up (the dressing and the proper way of speaking and so on). Eliza 's transformation made her a Duchess in the eyes of others, except in those of Higgins, whose pupil she was, and who could not forget the fact that she is just a flower girl. Eliza 's progress in her education is tested in act III. She dresses like a lady, behaves like a lady, and all are impressed by her. She has progressed considerably. Eliza of Act III is quite different from the flower girl of Act I, but her education is not yet complete. For her 'small talk ' betrays her social background. She still does not know what a lady should talk about at social gatherings. The professor continues to give her lessons in phonetics, and because Eliza is a talented pupil, she is soon able to talk fluently and correctly like any high-born lady. At the conclusion of six months of training, she is again
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