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Liza Lou was born in 1969 in New York City but was raised in the city of Los Angeles. She is a contemporary artists who does a lot of sculpture for her art work in the past years. Her plan in her creation of the art work is to recruit many unemployed artisans to help her with her art with laying down all the beadwork that is needed in most of her pieces. In 2002, Lou had won a $500,000 genius grant from the MacArthur Foundation which has been used to create many of her bead works. This is how she has been able to create all her crazy creations and has a lot more ideas to show to the public. Her sculptures are now recognized and prized by the world top collectors. When Lou first began to put beads in her abstract painting, her teachers, and…show more content…
She’s uses glue, glittering glass beads that are placed one by one, jewelry, steal, fiberglass, and razor wire. One of her most know pieces were Kitchen and Back Yard which was a full size lawn composed of 250,000 beaded blades of grass and a full size kitchen that was made from thousands of little beads. Liza’s work tends to be an imitation of the real world but it actually is not real because it’s made of tons of beads. I believe the material she uses is very important to form because it creates a unique form that has not been done and it takes a long time and patience. Lou is able to mesmerize children, artists, and critics from the way her art works are portrayed. It is something that has not been done before and it takes a lot of time to create. People are able to see this because of the uniqueness in each art…show more content…
It is the home of many well-known artists and actors. Located throughout the city, many mural art and wall art are placed everything in the city which is like no other. I believe this could have impacted her into becoming interested in art and creating her art such as the Kitchen and Back Yard. She wanted to leave a mark in art history by having others remember her from something that has not been done before. Although, many will think her art is unusual, she created something talks about her life and the way she is able to view art in today’s age. I think her unique ideas came from the jobs that she had before actually becoming noticed from her art pieces. She used to sell prom dresses and they usually have many beads and designs to them. Lou took the ideas from prom dresses and took it when creating her art. Lou contribution to the Art world is that she has brought a new type contemporary art by bringing in material such as beads and using to make objects we use and see every day. Lou and her most notable works was called the Continuous Mile which was to employ many people in order to engage in the community and build home in the process of making her art work. She was awarded the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in 2002 and the Anonymous Was a Woman Artist Award in 2013. My overall

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